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Do your own things with the Woollaa Uploader

You can upload images or illustrations in a simple and fast way. Our Uploader transforms your image in a knitting pattern. You can choose a cropping area and pick colours. Select a product here, upload your design and get surprised.

For all of you who want to keep full control over all details of your design and know Photoshop we have prepared a manual. This manual shows how a pixel image is turned in a knitted product. You can download the manual here. It not only contains a step-by-step instructuion for your knitting design projects but also examples, tipps and tricks by designers who already used Freestyle for their projects.

personalized scarf jan muenz

Freestyle Design by Jan Muenz, Frankfurt

personalized scarf hort

Freestyle Design by hort, Berlin

personalized scarf uwe bermeitinger

Freestyle Design by Uwe Jens Bermeitinger, Hamburg

personalized cushion

You can also upload complex images and photographs. The Uploader tranforms your image in a knitting patterm. Afterwards you can choose a cropping area and adjust colours.

Credits: Flower Market, Theo Colenbrander, 1917, Collection of the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, Creative Commons License

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