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Welcome to Woollaa 2.0

One year ago we connected our knitting machine to the internet. Since then a lot has happened. Hundreds of scarves have be created on woollaa.com, we launched a cooperation with 14 designers from around the world and opened a Pop Up Store in London. Now we take the next step. The beta phase is over and its getting serious. In the last months we have rebuild our website from scratch and expanded our product range. Beyond the famous Shareschal scarf there are now also shorter scarves, children scarves, baby blankets and cushions available woollaa.com.

There are even more possibilities to personalize products: with your keyboard or simply by „touching“ things with your finger or cursor. You can visualize your creations in realtime in different preview modes. And you can design your unique pieces „on the go“ on your mobile phone.

But the best will become visible in the next weeks and months. woollaa.com now has a dynamic backend which allows to create new editions within days. The Woollaazoo children scarves, typeknits for your personal messages, Supercubes from our Pop Up Store in London and the Cityknits scarves are only a beginning. In a few days we will allow to upload your own designs for you to send your own editions to our online knitting machine.

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