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Merry Christmas

Giving is fun and the best thing is to give away something with a personal message. All Woollaa products are knitted exclusively for you. Each piece is unique and can be personalized with your name or your personal slogan - the ideal gift for loved ones at home or for colleagues and friends.

Our gift ideas for Christmas



Choose your city, your street or your favourite place with »Cityknits«. Create  a memory piece of your last trip, your favourite city or your honeymoon destination. Your city is not in our selection? Let us know and we will create a bespoke pattern for your place on demand.



It doesn't get  more unique: each of the 1,820 possible combinations of the »ShareSchal« is different in color and pattern. Every »ShareSchal« is exclusively generated for you and sold only once ....



Pick your favourite animal with your own name: with »WoollaaZoo« around their necks, the kids can go out on discovery and always have it warm and cuddly.

Gift Vouchers


With our gift voucher you always do the right thing. Take your time, choose your own favorite scarf and put it together over the holidays. A personalized giftvoucher card will be sent to you by post with a matching envelope.

The Woollaa design service
For larger orders or difficulties with the implementation of your own design, we are happy to help with the order, personalization and make suggestions for the color options. More info at service@woollaa.de

The ideal gift for employees

The personal Christmas present as appreciation for the employees and colleagues – for companies and offices,
we offer special discounts (for orders of 10 pieces and more) and individual design service included. Please contact us for  personal offer with a design proposal at service@woollaa.de.

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