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100% You

The most personal gift ever: turn your own DNA into a stylish scarf – our latest cooperation with dotone.io.

On July 26 the Helix App Store celebrated its launch party in New York. On board one of the coolest StartUps you might have heard of – dotone.io from London. For 80 US$ Helix will make an analysis of your personal DNA to be used in a number of different applications. For example – you can learn more about your ancestors, optimize your workout, find out about your health … or get the most personal scarf on this planet based on your own gentic code.

Dotone.io turns the unique sequence of the four different types of aminoacids in your DNA into a unique pattern. You then pick your favourite colour combination and send you scarf to the Woollaa knitting machine.

Only condition – you need to have an address in the US for shipping.

Check out the website of dotone.io or go straigth to Helix to get your own DNA scarf.

DNA scarf women

DNA scarf for men

DNA scarfs from the cooperation of dotone.io and Woollaa

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