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Merry Christmas

Giving is fun and the best thing is to give away something with a personal message.

100% You

The most personal gift ever: turn your own DNA into a stylish scarf – our latest cooperation with dotone.io.

WWWinter Design Edition ist back

After its big success last year we brought back our collaboration edition WWWinter with five designers from around the globe. Pick your pattern, choose your colours and send your custom made, unique piece to our online knitting machine.

Welcome to Woollaa 2.0

New Editions, new products, new configuratoe ... after its beta phase woollaa.com has been completely relaunched – just in time for christmas!

How sustainable is wool?

To produce 1 kilo of cotton you need more than 10.000 liter water. But 40% of all garment made from cotton is ending up in landfill without ever having been used.

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